Camera-First Autonomous Driving
“I really consider autonomous driving a solved problem. We are probably less than two years away.”

Elon Musk, 2016

About Us

Pilotier is one of the few companies in the self-driving space solely focused on a camera-first approach, e.g. how humans see the world.

We are Canadian startup on a mission to develop safe and reliable autonomous driving software.

Using a camera-first approach, we are building an SAE Level 5 technology stack for autonomous vehicles that provides complete transparency for the operation and decision-making for the self-driving cars of tomorrow.

Engineering Team

Ibrahim Abdulhafiz
Deep Learning Engineer

Ibrahim holds a B.Eng Biomedical Engineering, M. ASc Biomedical Engineering from Toronto Metropolitan University (form. Ryerson), and an M.S Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology. Prior to joining Pilotier, he developed his skills in robotics as a member of the Ryerson Ram Robotics team, Research Assistant for courses at TMU before starting his own robotics start-up. At Pilotier, he focuses on the robotics side, building out our SLED technology to test our software and is now developing in a live car environment. 

Satya Ayyalasomayajula
Computer Vision Engineer

Satya holds a B. Eng in Technology, Electrical, Electronics and Communications from GITAM University and a MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Ottawa. He has conducted research for the Indian Institute of Technology, the Indian Space Research Organization in addition to serving as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Ottawa. At Pilotier, his work is focused on the motion perception of objects in space, where he has built out our current systems and working to improve them to reach 100% accuracy for live tests in vehicles. 

Mostafa Mohsen
Computer Vision Engineer

Mostafa holds a B. Eng (Software Engineering) from McMaster University, in addition to further certifications in Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and Deep Learning. Throughout his studies, he served as a Machine Learning Leader for the McMaster Artificial Intelligence Society and worked as Lead Computer Vision engineer for the McMaster Mars Rover Team. After some time with IBM, he joined Pilotier, where he is currently working on the deep learning bridge and working to improve the functionality of our perception stack.

Navya Rao
Deep Learning Engineer

Navya holds a B. Eng Computer Science from Bangalore University and an M.Sc Computer Science from the University of Alberta, and has worked on software development for Refinitiv and Machine Learning at OKAKI. Her work here focuses on researching the latest advancements in computer vision technologies, allowing us to leverage the latest R&D to our pipeline and keeping us at the forefront of scientific research. 

Josh Tokarsky
Senior Developer

Joshua works as a systems engineer and software developer. Prior to joining Pilotier, he developed extended reality experiences for art galleries, working with the Ministry of Nomads Gallery (London, UK), BSMT Space (London, UK) and The D3SCORPIA exhibition (Edmonton, CAN). He has also worked as an Animator and Unreal Engine Developer, exhibiting work internationally in Barcelona, Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid, Prague, Amsterdam, and Denver. He holds a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Alberta. At Pilotier, he handles development of the in-house simulator program (built in Unreal Engine 5), as well as managing the design and fabrication of the self-driving testing platform used to verify the validity of the Pilotier self-driving system in real world applications.

Executive Team

Adam Forbes
CEO & Co-Founder
Technical Team Lead

Adam Forbes has been a programmer since the age of 10. After working many years as a Lead Network Developer, he became co-founder and CTO of Calvin Alexander Networking until their acquisition by Micromuse in 1999, after which he served as SVP Network for many years. He was then Co-Founder and CTO of Helicor, a next-generation stress management biofeedback device which raised over $14M prior to folding during the 2008 economic downtown. Mr. Forbes then became co-founder and CTO of SGIM, a robo-advisor, where he built the entire tech stack, writing 400,000 lines of codes in the process, before turning his interest towards the problem of self-driving vehicles.

Mr. Forbes is also a seasoned angel investor, including being a Seed-round investor in RWDC, a Singaporean company tackling the single-use plastic output problem who recently raised a $130M Series B1. He also joined as a Series A investor in EV-startup Taiga Motors. He holds a B. Arch in Architecture from the Cooper Union.

Tim Tokarsky
Chairman & Co-Founder

Tim Tokarsky has been a founder, board member and investor in several technology start-ups, including being the first cheque into Sonder (NASDAQ: SOND) and Taiga Motors (TSE: TAIG). He is currently the Chairman of Taiga Motors, Sportlogiq and Pilotier in addition to being a board member of Effenco, Mirametric and formerly Sonder. Prior to investing, he served as co-founder and former COO of WysDM Software and executive of Micromuse. He is a co-founder of the X-1 Accelerator for McGill startups and serves as a mentor at the Creative Destruction Lab - Montreal. He holds a B.S.c. in Geophysics from Mcgill University.

Danielle King
VP, Business Development

Danielle holds a B.Sc in Cognitive Science from the University of Toronto, where she studied the intersection of neuroscience, philosophy and computer science as it relates to recreating human intelligence. Upon graduating, she joined Dialogue, a telemedicine company and one of Canada’s fastest-growing startups, staying through to their IPO in 2021 on the mental health team. She then joined the Creative Destruction Lab - Montreal, where she worked with hundreds of pre-seed and seed-stage ventures on storytelling, GTM, hiring, strategy, fundraising, and more. Her itch to join an early-stage startup led her to Pilotier.